.22 Cal rounds

.22 Caliber

General Information
"Small caliber rounds for pistols, revolvers, rifles, and SMGs."
Item Information
Weight 0.01 lbs
Influence Cost 1
Technical Specifications
Firearms Used In Pistols




"Small-caliber rounds for pistols, revolvers, rifles, and SMGs".

.22 Caliber rounds are one of the weakest and most common types of Ammunition in State of Decay and its DLCs

Item ListEdit

This following item lists contain this item

Note: S = State of Decay Storyline; B= Breakdown; L= Lifeline


  • The round depicted in the game is a .22LR, and it is the only type of ammunition in the game that doesn't have a centerfire primer. The .22LR is a rimfire cartridge, and is by far the most common rifle ammunition in the real-world (outside of the game). This is not to be confused with .22 Short, .22 Winchester Magnum, or .22 Hornet, which may be included under the .22 caliber title for the sake of simplicity in the game.

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