If you are interested in doing modding for State of Decay, 99% of the base of modding is in the Pak files.

What each Pak file doesEdit

There are many different PAk files that you can extract, and here's what each of them does.

File name What it does In Vanilla Version
Animations.Pak Includes All game animations.
Characters.Pak Includes character design for Humans and Zombies. These include shirt, pants, heads, ect
Dialog.Pak Includes Audio files, XML files for the Subtitles
Levels.Pak Includes the world. I.E. Plants, environment, land, structure placement. The core of the surroundings
Objects.Pak Includes all object. I.E: Doors, weapons, buildings, gates, ect
Particles.Pak Contain all SpecialFX like dust, slashing, ect
Sounds.Pak Contain all audio in game. Excluding Dialog.
Terrain.Pak Sets the ground texturing.
Textures.Pak Contains most of the Games Textures.
Video.Pak Includes the files for the intro at the game, and the background at the loading screen

Pak Extraction ToolEdit


Download Link:


Please note that this is far from complete, and that i've only included information on the Pak files that i 100% without a doubt can confirm.

There are plans to also get the file directories for each Pak file.

For example: /Common/State of Decay/Game/Characters.Pak