Image Name Requirements Achievement Points
Gotta Enjoy the Little Thing Achievement
Gotta Enjoy the Little Things[1] Used a car door to kill a zombie 10G
The Bruce Achievement
 The Bruce[2]  Kill 3 Zombies with an exploding propane tank 15G
Manifest Destiny Achivement
Manifest Destiny Build 8 Outposts 15G
Movin' On Up! Achievement
Movin' On Up![3] Relocate your home base 15G
Badass Achievement
Badass Complete 50 missions or activities with the same character 30G
Vehicular Zombicide Achievement
Vehicular Zombicide Run over 250 zombies in a car 20G
Everywhere You Look Achievement
Everywhere You Look[4] Have a community size of 15 20G
Watch the Birdie! Achievement
Watch The Birdie! Distract a zombie to complete an objective 10G
Horde Hoard Achievement
Horde Hoard Destroy ten hordes in one day 20G
Come and Knock On Our Door Achievement
Come And Knock On Our Door[5] Convince another enclave to join your community 10G
Trust Me, I'm an Expert Achievement
Trust Me, I'm An Expert Earn a skill specialization for one of your community members 15G
Rule -1 Achievement
Rule #1[6] Max out a community member's Cardio skill 10G
Home Improvement Achievement
Home Improvement[7] Build a facility 10G
Torn Apart Achievement
Torn Apart Be killed by zombies 10G
Holy Rolling Achievement
Holy Rolling Escape Mt. Tanner and find the survivors at the church 10G
I Can See My House From Here Achievement
I Can See My House From Here Complete a survey activity 10G
Cannibal Family Picnic Achievement
Cannibal Family Picnic Find the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station 5G
Survivor Achievement
Survivor Escape Trumbull County 20G
It Was Just a Police Action Achievement
It Was Just Police Action Find out what the army's up to 10G
Home on the Grange Achievement
Home on the Grange Play matchmaker for Quentin and Becca 10G
Arrested Developments Achievement
Arrested Developments[8] See things through at the Courthouse 10G
Gun Thugs Achievement
Gun Thugs Help the Wilkersons resolve their differences 10G
Pest Control Achievement
Pest Control Destroy 5 infestations in one day 20G
Land Usage Achievement
Land Usage Build one of every type of facility 20G
I'll Be There For You Achievement
I'll Be There For You[9] Earn 500 Fame


Mercy Shot Achievement
Mercy Shot Kill a member of your community to prevent them from turning 10G
Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman Achievement
Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman[10] Sacrifice yourself in a blaze of glory 10G
Get Yo' Freak On Achievement
Get Yo' Freak On Kill one of each freak zombie type 10G
Double Dead Achievement
Double Dead Preform a hand to hand double kill special attack 15G
Get Outta My Dreams Achievement
Get Outta My Dreams[11] Kill one of each freak type with a car 10G

Breakdown AchievementsEdit

Image Name Description
The Sacrifice Achievement
The Sacrifice Go Out in a Blaze of Glory (Breakdown Level 1 or Higher). Unlocks Erik Tan.
The Dead Man Achievement
The Dead Man Kill 5 Bloaters (Breakdown Level 2 or Higher). Unlocks Andy Pimms.
The Judge Achievement
The Judge Perform 50 executions (Breakdown Level 3 or Higher). Unlocks Judge Lawton.
The Survivor Achievement
The Survivor Collect 150 resources (Breakdown Level 4 or Higher). Unlocks Job Wilkerson.
The Mercenary Achievement
The Mercenary Destroy 5 juggernauts (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher). Unlocks Leon Montague.
The Ninja Achievement
The Ninja

Execute 50 Stealth Kills (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher). Unlocks Shark Hoodie Guy.

The Scientist Achievement
The Scientist Reach Breakdown Level 6. Unlocks Walter Degrasse.
The Rescuer Achievement
The Rescuer Unlock All Heroes.

Lifeline AchievementsEdit

Image Name Description
Rucks in Trucks Achievement
Rucks in Trucks Deliver 6 Rucksacks to your base in the back of a single vehicle.
Wired for War Achievement
Wired for War Kill 100 zombies with Drone Strikes
Under Siege Achievement
Under Siege Survive 10 seiges on your base in a single playthrough.
Freak Hunt Achievement
Freak Hunt Complete all of Sasquatch Hunting Missions
Flugtag Achievement
Flugtag Send an Energy Drink Flying
Maverick Achievement
Maverick[12] Survive 2 minutes within a Danger Zone
War Never Changes Achievement
War Never Changes[13] (Secret Achievement) Get the nuke ending
Last Voice of Danforth Achievement
Last Voice of Danforth (Secret Achievement) Disarm the nuke


  1. "Gotta Enjoy The Little Things" is another reference to Zombieland, in this case to a remark by the character Tallahassee, whose introduction included killing a zombie with his SUV's door.
  2. "The Bruce" is a reference to the mechanical shark from Jaws that was nicknamed "Bruce" by the crew during filming and to the shark's death scene in the finished film that was accomplished with shooting a tank of compressed air.
  3. "Movin' on Up" is a reference to the theme song to The Jeffersons, a sit-com series from the 1970s that featured the title family moving from the working class section of Queens to a luxury apartment in Manhattan.
  4. "Everywhere You Look" is a reference to the TV sitcom Full House. It is the name of the theme song and appears in the theme song as well.
  5. "Come and Knock on Our Door" is a reference to the TV sitcom Three's Company. It is the first line of the theme song.
  6. "Rule #1" is a refrence to Zombieland, in which Columbus relates the importance of Cardio in a zombie apocolypse.
  7. Following the trend of achievements referencing sitcoms Home Improvement is named after the same named 90s sitcom.
  8. "Arrested Developments" is a reference to the TV show Arrested Development.
  9. "I'll Be There for You" is the name of to the theme song for the TV sitcom Friends.
  10. "Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman" is a reference to Aliens, in which Vasquez says these final words to Gorman just before they pull the pin on the grenade, killing themselves and the Xenomorphs poised to kill them.
  11. "Get Outta My Dreams" is a reference to a Song by Billy Ocean titled "Get Outta My Dreams (Get into my Car)"
  12. "Maverick" is a reference to the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun, the theme song of which is "Danger Zone".
  13. "War Never Changes" is a reference to the Fallout series of games, the words being said during the introduction of every main entry in the series.


  • Anything underlined can be achieved in all three Game Modes.

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