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Not to be confused with Ammunition (Resource)


All Firearms need ammunition (ammo) to function. Different weapons require specific types of ammo. These types are usually referred to by their caliber (diameter of projectile), with some calibers being measured in inches (like .50 Cal rounds) and others in millimeters (like 9mm rounds).

Finding AmmunitionEdit


  • Ammo cannot be manufactured. It can be scavenged from Gun Shops, Police Stations, Military Stashes and civilian houses.
  • Some enclaves' supply lockers can contain ammo.
  • Breaking open an Ammo Crate found in containers can also spawn ammo.

Restocked LockerEdit

  • In the original State of Decay, at the beginning of a new (real time) day, depending on the amount of Ammo (Resource) that the player has, the Supply Locker will be refilled with 30, 60 or 90 rounds for each non-rare type of ammo (i.e every type except .50 Cal and Grenade Launcher Ammo).
  • In Breakdown, this feature is not available. Enclaves' supply lockers, however, seem to restock ammo each day.

Ammunition UsageEdit

  • A clean headshot with any caliber will kill a normal zombie. Thus, it is recommended that the player sticks to the weaker rounds and only use more powerful rounds for targets like Juggernauts or Ferals.
  • Many firearms share the same ammo, so it is wise to choose the most accurate, powerful and/or quiet gun to get the most out of each shot. At the very least, choosing a quieter weapon is preferrable. For example, the .357 Cal is known to be used by the (noisy) Viper P357 and Safari revolvers, but the Breakdown DLC added a few Pistols, one SMG and one Rifle that use this ammo type, so players can better balance each ammo type instead of ditching .357 Cal rounds altogether.


  • Most ammo cost 1 Influence per round, except .50 Cal (which cost 2) and Grenade Launcher Ammo (which cost 3).
  • In the original State of Decay, daily reset replaces the ammo in Supply Locker with 30,60 and 90 rounds instead of adding, thus it is advisable to take out all ammo from the locker before "calling it a day" if the players want all the free ammo they can get.
  • In both SoD and Breakdown, all stacks of ammo exceeding 60 rounds in the Suppy Locker is reduced to 60 each time the player loads a save file.
  • Due to memory limitation and game balancing, many types of ammo of similar calibers in real life are grouped into one. For example, the 7.62mm round in the game represents many different calibers such as .30-06, .300 Win Mag, 7.62x39mm and .308 Winchester or 7.62x51mm NATO. This is pointed out in the description for the 7.62mm and 5.56mm, noting that they represent "caliber families".

List of Ammo TypesEdit

Ammo Weight (lbs) Power Used by Description
.22 Cal 0.01 Low

Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, SMGs

Small caliber rounds for pistols, revolvers, rifles, and SMGs.
9mm 0.02 Low Pistols, SMGs Small caliber rounds for pistols, revolvers and rifles.
.357 Cal 0.04 Medium

Pistols*, Revolvers, Rifles*, SMGs*

Powerful round for revolvers and some rifles.
.40 Cal 0.03 Medium

Pistols, Rifles*, SMGs

Mid-range round for pistols and some submachineguns.
.44 Cal 0.05 High

Pistols*, Revolvers, Rifles

Powerful round primarily for revolvers and some rifles.
.45 Cal 0.04 High

Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, SMGs

Powerful mid-range workhorse for pistols, some revolvers and rifles.
5.56mm 0.03 High Assault Rifles, SMGs Standard NATO battle rifle caliber, includes the .223 caliber family of rounds as well.
7.62mm 0.06 High

Assault Rifles, Rifles

Powerful round used the world over, includes the entirety of the thirty caliber family of rifle ammunition. Used by battle rifles and long range rifles.
.50 Cal 0.28 Very High Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles
Very powerful round for large frame revolvers, pistols and long range rifles.
Shotgun Shells 0.14 High Shotguns For shotguns.
Grenade Launcher Ammo 0.50 Very High Grenade Launchers For grenade launchers. Obviously.

Note: * Breakdown DLC Only

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