Description Edit


Before and after windows are barricaded.

Windows are entry points for zombies. Barricading windows is an effective way to temporarily slow down the zombies attacking a house.

Barricading windows is done by pressing and holding the Y button (E in PC version). The character will perform the barricading animation and wooden boards will appear on the window. It takes approximately 4 seconds to fully barricade a window.

Barricade "health" is represented by the number of wooden planks on the windows. A fully barricaded window has 3 planks on it. As the zombies try to tear down the barricade, the planks disappear one by one. When there is no plank left, the zombies can climb in the window.


  • Barricades will disappear when the player exits and re-enters the game. They can also vanish after the player leaves the house's vicinity.
  • The player can jump through barricaded windows. Jumping in is done exactly the same way, while jumping out sometimes requires sprinting towards the window before jumping.
  • Normally, zombies don't tend to attack houses, unless the character is making a lot of noises. It is thus arguable that time spent boarding up windows can be better spent on searching containers quietly. On the other hand, in certain missions such as Besieged, where zombie waves are programmed to attack survivors inside a house, barricading is a simple but effective way to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

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