"We knew this day was coming."


At some point, the player will decide to move on to the next level of Breakdown. Once the Recreational Vehicle has been repaired, the player may initiate the final stage of the exodus. On the base blueprint, a choice will become available in the RV slot to leave the valley. After this has been selected one time (do not select it twice just yet), Lily will let the player know only a few survivors can fit on the RV. The survivors that a player wishes to keep can be chosen by either speaking to them, or through a section on the survivor list. Once the maximum number of survivors (5 + 1, the currently selected player) has been chosen, Lily will say that's it. The player must then go again to the RV icon and select that they are ready. The level will end at that point, and the player will be presented with a score sheet that details their performance.

Roof RideEdit

In earlier versions there was an exploit that would allow the player to retain more than the allotted 6 survivors. It is jokingly referred to as the "roof ride" because of Lily's comment of "unless you want to ride on the roof".

Once the player has initiated the gathering of the survivors and filled the RV with their normal cap of survivors, they can add on any "away from home" survivors by:

  • first having the character "report in" on the character choosing screen. This will result in a marker being placed on the map.
  • go to the map marker and speak to the survivor. One of the selections will be "Get on the RV".
  • This can be repeated over and over again until the player has collected all of the survivors they desire.
  • Players may need to first run characters out to remote locations and then switch to another character already at the base before the original survivor is listed as "away from home".

This exploit was fixed by Undead Labs in April 2015 with the release of YOSE {Year One Survival Edition)[1].

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