CLEO is a presumably military or paramilitary organization which appears in State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition. Little else is know about CLEO, and no CLEO personnel directly appear in the story. CLEO's appearances are limited to regular supply drops over Trumbull Valley, containing Food, Medicine, Weapons, Ammunition, and Construction Materials. It is not clear whether these are intended as emergency supplies for survivors or intended for some possibly deceased group of operatives. Cleo has access to a number of powerful custom weapons.

Supply DropsEdit

CLEO uses specialized packages dropped from aircraft containing supplies and marked with a radio beacon to allow them to be located. These beacons produce an audible signal, and thus often attract Zombies, including special infected. It is recommended that the player bring heavy firepower when attempted to retrieve one, particularly later in the game, when these crates are more likely to attract Bloaters or Juggernauts, which cannot be effectively dispatched by running them over in a vehicle.




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