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"HOME. Calls scavengers to come collect resources and useful gear from this location."

Call for Scavengers is a radio call in State of Decay and Breakdown. It is used to dispatch an available survivor (i.e not On a Mission or Missing, etc) to the player's location and carry one type of resource home.


  • In State of Decay, this radio call is unlocked after the player completes mission Lay of the Land.
  • In Breakdown, this radio call available after the player is settled into a home site (at level 1) or right at the beginning (from level 2, since the RV acts as a temporary home site).


  • Cost: 10 Influence
  • Stack: 1
  • Recharge Time: 3 minutes
  • Effect: Calls a survivor to take one resource from a building.



The radio call can be initiated in two ways:

  • Opening a container, select one resource and press the [Interact] button (E in PC version), then choose "Call for Scavenger"
  • Stand inside a location with a resource and press the [Radio Menu] button, then choose "Call for Scavenger"

The radio call cannot be done in the following cases:

  • Player is not in a searchable location
  • Supply run already in progress at this location
  • Location is infested
  • Location is dangerous
  • Player is inside current home
  • No runners available


  • After the player sucessfully initiates the calls, an available survivor is randomly selected, who then makes his/her way to the location where the call is made from. If the player stays inside the location, the message "Scavengers Inbound" is displayed at the top left corner of the screen during this phase.
  • After arriving at the location, the scavenger starts searching (the message "Runner arrived, starting to search" is displayed on screen). The runner takes roughly 5 minutes to search for the resource. If the call is made by selecting a specific resource, one crate of that resource is removed from the location. Otherwise, a random type of resource is selected and removed from the location (unconfirmed).
  • After finishing gathering a resource, the runner makes his/her way home, adding a rucksack's worth of resources to the player's stockpile.

Player interactionEdit

  • If the player stands around or inside the location during the second phase (searching), a Supply Run mission is initiated.
  • During the first or third phase (on the way to the location or back home) the runner might randomly gets in trouble, initiating the Runners in Trouble backup mission. Otherwise the player cannot interact with them during these phases.


  • Despite the radio call's description, scavengers only collect resources, not items.
  • During the first (Scavengers inbound) and second phase (Scavengers searching), if the player takes from containers all resource that they ask the scavenger to search, the scavenger will still "spawn" one rucksack of said material, and randomly remove one crate of resource from containers if available. For example, a location has one crate of Material and one crate of Medicine in containers. If the player calls runner to find Material, and then loots the Material crate, then the runner "spawns" one Material rucksack and the Medicine crate disappears. If the player calls runner to find Material, then loots both crates, then the runner "spawns" one Material rucksack for "free". This is an acknowledged bug which is often exploited by players.
  • Calling runner then wait for them to arrive is a way of getting a backup that is much cheaper than spending 100 Influence to ask a survivor at home to accompany the player.
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