"BASIC SKILL. Rule #1 for survival. If you run out of Stamina, that's it. Can't fight, can't run away. You're done."

Cardio is a basic skill that every survivor has. Improving it increases the character's maximum Stamina, allowing the character to run and fight longer before having to rest. At level 7, Cardio unlocks two Special Techniques.


"Build up your Cardio the old fashioned way: run. A lot."

Cardio can be trained by sprinting. It is unconfirmed whether rolling/jumping/vaulting over obstacle improves Cardio.

The following traits reduce Cardio XP gain rate by half. There is no way to increase Cardio XP gains.

  • Asthma Attacks
  • A Pack A Day
  • Loved Movies

Cardio level DetailsEdit


  • The "points" column displays data taken from game file. Needs more testing.
  • For each gained level of Cardio, the player gains 1 Fame.
Level Points Description Benefits
2 400 It takes a little longer before I get tired.
  • +5 max Stamina
3 400 Like the mighty crocodile, I'm very dangerous over short distances.
  • +10 max Stamina
4 600 When zombies learn to drive, then I'll worry.
  • +15 max Stamina
5 600 Cross-country? No problem.
  • +20 max Stamina
6 800 How long before the 5k zombie run becomes a real sport?
  • +25 max Stamina
7 800 All this Stamina and I didn't even have to dope! (Core Specializations: Marathon, Combat Endurance)


Comparison - Sprinting with and without a bag

Comparison - Sprinting with and without a bag

  • If the player has abundant snacks, they can be used to accelerate training, i.e the characters don't have to wait for stamina to recover to continue sprinting.
  • (Unconfirmed) Cardio seems to improve slower if the character sprinting is encumbered or is carrying a rucksack. A visual comparison is shown in the image, for a level 1 Cardio character sprinting a full lap inside the fences of Snyder Trucking Warehouse, while constantly using Snacks when Stamina is depleted.

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