Torn apart
Dying is a part of State of Decay. Players may get their characters killed by accident because of carelessness or oversight. Experienced players may have their characters killed on purpose to cut down Food and Ammo consumption, to get rid of an annoying overbearing alcoholic, etc. This article deals with how player-controlled characters can die and the effects of death on remaining survivors.

Death in State of Decay is permanent. There is no way to "bring back" a dead character (without using cheats/mods or interfering with save files). In the DLC Breakdown, however, characters killed in a previous level can be recruited again in subsequent levels.

Types of deathsEdit

Torn apart by zombiesEdit

Press X to not die
When a character loses all health, they enter the "struggling" state. The screen turns near black and white, the character sits down, covers his/her head and the prompt "Press [...] to get up" is displayed on the screen.
At this point, each attack from surrounding zombies directly reduces maximum health. When the character's max health depletes, he/she gets torn in half by two zombies. Occasionally, when the zombies cannot do the "tear in half" animation (due to them being obstructed by the environment or some other reason), the character simply lies dead or get bitten in the neck.
Note: Dying this way is required to get the "Torn apart" achievement in State of Decay, and to unlock the hero character Jacob Ritter in Breakdown.


Falling from a sufficient height (such as a cell-tower survey point) will make the player-controlled character enter the "death" state animation, but if there are no zombies nearby the screen will just fade to black and the player will be able to continue playing the same character where they had fallen.

Juggernaut or Feral killsEdit


A Feral ripping apart a survivor.

This type of death is often quite sudden and unexpected. These two Freaks can grab a character with low health and tear him/her in half.


It is not possible to instantly kill a full-health character with explosives, no matter how powerful. However, this does reduce the character's max health. When the character's max health is at a minimum, a sufficiently powerful explosion will kill the character.

Blaze of GloryEdit

Blaze of Glory-petrol bomb

A Blaze of Glory. Note, the equipped Petrol Bomb.

Note: Dying this way is required to get the "Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman" achievement in State of Decay, and to unlock the hero character Erik Tan in Breakdown.
If the character has at least one thrown explosive item (like Grenade or Petrol Bomb) equipped and selected, this option becomes available.
When the character's max health is depleted, and s/he lies down on the ground, press the [Use Item] button. The character then detonates the explosive, killing him/herself and surrounding zombies.

Effects of Character DeathsEdit


Lower community moraleEdit

  • -25 Morale
  • Attitude of all surviving character worsens, though only the ones with the most negative attitude is displayed in the event log


If the dead character has at least one item in the inventory, a Rucksack will be spawned. Retrieving this rucksack increases morale by a small amount (5) and add the items of the deceased survivor to the Supply Locker.


  • When an AI-controlled survivor gets killed by zombies, that survivor will always die in a "Blaze of Glory" manner, regardless of whether they have a grenade in the inventory or not. After the Update_12/02/2014, this no longer applies. Survivors without thrown explosives in the inventory simply get ripped apart and die.
  • Attempting to access the journal when dying prompts one of the following messages.
    • "This isn't the time for a little casual reading."
    • "The pages are too blood-soak to read."
    • "Some people are scared of books. Zombies, not so much."
  • Attempting to access the journal after dying will display
    • "You can't reach your journal right now."
  • If the player attempts to use their map or radio they will see this message.
    • "You can't reach your map/radio right now."