Counter attack is a melee move that is automatically unlocked for characters with Fighting skill at level 3 or more, and has a melee weapon equipped. This attack has a significantly better chance of knocking down or instant-killing zombies.


  • Dodge a zombie attack.
  • During the brief time-slowing-down period, press the basic attack button (Y on Xbox or LMB on PC).
  • Depending on the weapon held, the character will use the animation of a Backhand Swing (with a Light Edged Weapon) or an Uppercut (with a Light Blunt Weapon or Heavy Weapon)


  • The character must have a melee weapon equipped to be able to use this attack.
  • The two types of counter attack work exactly like the special attacks animations they are based on. The "Backhand swing" (i.e counter attack with a Light Edged Weapon) has a wide arc and a high chance to knock down zombies, while "Uppercut" has a small hit area, but guarantees a knockdown.

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