Plane Crash

Near the enclave The Grange, at the middle of the corn field. one can find a crashed Goodweather Air plane. It is generically called "Abandoned Site" when the player approaches.

The interior of the wreck is inaccessible, although a small pile of debris is stacked outside on the left side of the fuselage. Two containers are in this stack. The airplane was also seen in screenshots of the game when it was being announced.

Written on the tail are the letters GOODWEATHER AIR, and CHHO GN. On the plane's body are the following letters: GDT-EPH.

On the right side of the downed airliner, one can see a small rectangular box with Dantron Industries written on the front. Inside are two empty pie tins and on the outside is a sticky note that reads Don't let him out - Freak.


  • The plane is a reference to the novel series "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan (GDT and CHHO GN). The novel series details the invasion of a vicious breed of vampires on the US, which starts by landing a plane full of turned-but not yet animated vampires on JFK airport. One of the main characters is named Ephraim Goodweather.
  • The cage of Dantron Industries is a reference to long time Undead Labs follower Dantron, who identifies himself as a time-travelling, Blapperberry* pie-eating, zombie-killing robot who speaks in third person. The sticky notes mentions Freak, another forum user who famously puts Dantron in his cage when he 'escapes'.
  • According to Dantron himself, Blapperberries is the cross fertilization of a Blueberry and a type of Apple that will exist in the future, and is apparently poisonus to Humans.


  • Based on its trajectory (north/northeast), and the presence of sheared-off landing gear south of the wreckage, the plane was likely attempting an emergency landing in either Danforth or in the field itself when it crashed. However, contrary to popular belief, the crash site is not Ground Zero of the outbreak in Trumbull Valley. The likely source of the outbreak is the Fairfield Dam Reservoir.
  • The plane is likely an Airbus A320 or a Boeing 737, based on its twin-engine design and size.

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