The weapons listed here are have their name changed from earlier version, merged into an existing weapon, or cut altogether. If you put a weapon here, please include verifiable proof of its existence (i.e name/stat/model can be found somewhere in the game files, or screenshot of earlier builds).

List of cut/unused weaponsEdit

Blunt WeaponsEdit

Edged WeaponsEdit


  • Posse King: Renamed to Ranch King (Item ID is still Rifle_PosseKing)


  • Snub Detective: Merged into Snub Special 22 (Item ID is still Revolver_SnubDetective)

Assault riflesEdit

  • SCAR-H: Renamed into Mk. 17 Mod. 0
  • AR15V2: Removed/ merged into AR 15 Custom (Item ID is still AssaultRifle_AR15V2)


  • Crossbow 

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