Danforth Police Station is located north-west of Black Friday, situated on the city-side of Danforth. It is a excellent source for Police Cruisers, Ammo resource, firearms and of course, zombies.

Location Edit

Located in the south-west area of the map, taking the next right-hand turn off the Freeway when heading west from Black Friday.

The Danforth P.D site has an L-shaped carpark, extending from the left-hand side of the building around to the back.

Danforth P.D is a two-story structure, with a left-hand single doorway entrance & a fire-escape to the back of the building. Offices are located to the anterior of the building, with the primary ammo stores usually located to the back of the building, both upstairs and downstairs.

Materials Edit

Danforth P.D is can be source of:

  • Ammo resource
  • Medicine resource
  • Police Cruiser
  • Firearms

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