Defensive Skills are moves only available to characters with Powerhouse or Reflexes personal skills. They are useful counter moves that can be used to evade or kill zombies in unarmed combat.


Unlocked at lvl 6 of Powerhouse

Pro WrestlingEdit

  • Special counter that lets you bodyslam enemies.
  • Press (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge when stationary while near an enemy to suplex them. Press (Y) in the middle of the suplex to execute a finishing move.That should translate to pressing (Left CTRL) and (E), in the middle on PC. Confirmed

Double KillEdit

  • Special counter that kills two nearby enemies. (video)
  • Hold (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge or (Left CTRL + C) for PC while standing still to kill two enemies at once.


Unlocked at lvl 6 of Reflexes


  • Special counter that lets you jump over an enemy and knock it to its knees. (video)
  • Press (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge or (Left CTRL) for PC when stationary to leapfrog over an enemy and knock them to their knees.

Instant CounterEdit

  • Special technique that allows you to instantly counter incoming attacks.
  • While standing still, hold (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge when stationary to automatically counter all incoming attacks. [This should also translate to (Left CTRL + C) for PC. Unconfirmed]

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