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Defensive Skills allows for powerful counter moves that can be used to kill zombies in an instant.


Unlocked at lvl 6 of Powerhouse

Pro WrestlingEdit

  • Special counter that lets you bodyslam enemies.
  • Press (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge when stationary while near an enemy to suplex them. Press (Y) in the middle of the suplex to execute a finishing move. [That should translate to pressing (Left CTRL) and (C), then press (E) in the middle on PC. Unconfirmed]

Double KillEdit

  • Special counter that kills two nearby enemies. (video)
  • Hold (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge or (Left CTRL + C) for PC while standing still to kill two enemies at once.


Unlocked at lvl 6 of Reflexes


  • Special counter that lets you jump over an enemy and knock it to its knees. (video)
  • Press (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge or (Left CTRL) for PC when stationary to leapfrog over an enemy and knock them to their knees.

Instant CounterEdit

  • Special technique that allows you to instantly counter incoming attacks.
  • While standing still, hold (LB + B) / Roll/Dodge when stationary to automatically counter all incoming attacks. [This should also translate to (Left CTRL + C) for PC. Unconfirmed]

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