Across the State of Decay map, diary pages and notes can be found that detail some of the backstory and thoughts of Trumbull Valley survivors. They are found in specific types of containers such as desks, cabinets, dressers and lockers.


Note: Entries with a (*) denotes pages that has been found in the game. Others are data from game files and it is unconfirmed if they can be found in the game or not.
Description Text
(*) Hasty scribblings in pencil on the back of an office envelope. I never meant to... hell, I never thought I was even capable of something like that. I guess you never really know what you're capable of until you're three days out from your last meal and some kid grabs the last can of tuna fish out from under you, huh? Learned a lot of things that day. Like how it feels to crush the life out of somebody's throat. I don't even know who I'm writing this note to. God? Myself? That kid? Hell, whoever you are, I'm sorry.
(*) Black pen on a yellow legal notepad, there is a bloody thumbprint in the corner. Day 9. The attacks are getting more frequent now. They know we're here. Ammo's running low, but it's the stress that's really getting to us. Can't sleep with all those screamers out there. Vasquez is taking it the worst--if you find this note, and you find us dead from gunshot wounds, look at Vasquez.
(*) Blue ballpoint pen on the back of a Tartan Mart inventory order form. Never realized how much food three people can go through in a week. When we found that Tartan Mart nobody had hit yet, we thought we'd taken enough for a month, but now it's a week later and the food's all gone and that Tartan Mart has been totally picked over... and now I don't know what to do.
(*) Black felt tip pen on a cardboard box top. I'm leaving this note for my family and friends. If that's not you, put this note down before the poison in the ink seeps into your skin and kills you. If it is you, don't worry, the poison thing was a bluff. I'm going across the river to find out what those Army pigs know. If I'm not back by Thursday, assume I've been compromised by government mind-lasers and you should shoot me on sight.
(*) Blue ballpoint pen on pink flowery stationery, sealed in a plastic sandwich bag. This note is for John. And for Sara. It's for Lisa and Geraldo and Mahz and all of them. I'm the only one left. Guys, I'm sorry this is the best memorial I can give you. I'm gonna leave this note someplace I hope people will find it. I'm gonna leave it with some pictures from that Vegas weekend last year. Hopefully it finds its way to your people. Love all you guys.
(*) Red pen in an envelope with the name "Anthony" on the front. Dear Anthony, We waited as long as we could. Your father isn't willing to stay any longer. I suppose he's right. We can't risk everyone else. I hope you find this note and that you come find us. We didn't want to leave without you. We love you. Be safe.
Black pen on a yellow sticky-note. Carly, if you get this note, STAY HERE. I heard a rumor you were in Danforth, so I went to check it out, but just in case it's wrong, I want you to wait for me here. Lock the doors, there's food and ammo in the house, and don't let anyone in who isn't me. Okay? I'll see you soon.
(*) Blue pen on crumpled notepaper. Dear Colin, I'm leaving you. I can't take the lies, or the paranoia, or the constant harping about government conspiracy. I'm going to stay with my mother up north. Don't try to find me. - Elsa. P.S. I took all your guns, your ammo, and your ridiculous MREs and I threw them in the river. Serves you right, you pig.
(*) Red ballpoint in a small, leather bound diary. Dear Diary, HOLY SHIT IT WORKED! When Skyler said he found a ritual that could bend the dead to our black wills and finally take revenge on assholes like Ricky Valdez I kinda thought he was full of shit, but IT WORKED! It's all over the news, the dead are rising from the grave to eat the flesh of the living! BRB, I'm going to try out my sweet zombie-controlling powers!
(*) Red felt tip pen on construction paper, large lettering. Dear whatever prick came in here to loot my house: one can of food in this kitchen is poisoned. Good luck, asshole.
(*) Black pen on a military form 469, labeled "Duty Limiting Condition Report". Signed by Lt Col Schwalier. Project: PALLAS Phase 1 complete. Evaluation: Vastly exceeded expected parameters. Phase 2 pending reestablishment of proper chain of command.
Typewriter (yes, an actual typewriter) on typing paper. If you think this thing "just happened", you're fooling yourself. Someone knows what caused this, someone is BEHIND this. Don't believe me? Then riddle me this: why did the Army start ferrying people in two days BEFORE the first confirmed attacks?
Blue felt tip pen on white nopepad. Three extra question marks. Weird stuff on the news, and today Job Wilkerson pays me a call and says I can pay him off in bullets and food instead of cash. What the hell's going on?
Computer printout on personal letterhead, mailed two weeks ago. Aunt Helen: Took me ten years, but I finally found it. Proof that the sheriff buried evidence in my cousin's case so he and that damned judge could keep their conviction rate intact. I was supposed to show it to Councilman Santos' friend at the Marshall Gazette today, but he had to reschedule. Something about a major story breaking at the hospital.
Black pen on a heavily redacted CDC NORS (WDT) form. Strain 854b shows a remarkable resistance to traditional antibiotic countermeasures. Estimated probability of successful containment: 13.48%
White paint pen on black construction paper. I've waited my whole life for this moment. My katana is sharp, my .50 caliber is fully loaded, and my trench coat is freshly dry-cleaned. Time to kill some zombies.
Color photocopy, with several pictures. MISSING GIRL: Have you seen me? Alex Collins, 5'6", 113 lbs., brown eyes, purple-dyed hair. REWARD OFFERED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We just want our little girl home.
Blue pen on a sticky note that reads, "To do list". Harlan, can you pick up a carton of milk at the Tartan Mart next time you're out? I want to bake a cake for Lucy's birthday. Thanks! - Sandy xoxoxo
Blue ballpoint pen in a small, well worn notebook. Hi Ma. Dunno why I keep writing these notes to you--I'm a little too old to believe you're reading them up in Heaven. Habit, I guess. Well, anyways, Joanie had the baby, but it was a pretty tough labor. She's staying with her folks out west for a little while, but I've got to stay here and keep working. It's hard, knowing she and little Max are so far away, but that's what men do for their families, right? That's what you and dad taught me, anyway. Okay, Ma, I gotta go--something's on the TV about an emergency evacuation order or something. I better go see what it is. Love to Grandma and Grandpa. - Eugene
Black pen on the back of a granola bar box. Kate - Your dad's still not back from the commissary at the ranger station. I'm going to go see what's keeping him. If I'm not back before you wake up, stay in the cabin and have a granola bar for breakfast. No using the camp stove unsupervised. - Mom
Damaged cellphone, stuck on the "My Photos" folder. This cell phone has a cracked screen and almost no battery life left, but the camera function shows a series of images of shambling figures lurking into the light of a campfire while some college kids look on. The last image shows one of the figures grabbing a young man by the shoulders. The call log shows seven dropped calls to 911.
Silver felt tip pen, cursive, on cream colored diary paper, the "O" in "gross" has a smiley face in it. Saw some creepy dude hanging out by the public restrooms. He looked drunk. Maybe stoned. Stank too. Gross. I decided to hold it.
(*) Compter printout on official County Parks Administration letterhead. Ranger Gunderson - We apologize, but despite your repeated requests we cannot authorize the purchase of any .50 caliber hunting rifles for the ranger station. We would like to remind you that bears have not been seen on Mt. Tanner in over forty years, and moreover large-caliber rifles are not a recommended means of dealing with rogue bears.


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