In addition to the wide variety of combat actions they can perform, survivors are also capable of using a small selection of emotes.  While pressing down the right trigger, the player will be provided with the cues for 4 different emotes:  Cheer, taunt, agree, and disagree. 

In-Game UseEdit

In their present form, the purpose of using emotes appears to be limited.  Some, such as agree and disagree, do not seem to cause any in-game reaction, and are rendered moot by other game actions (e.g., choosing whether to accept or decline a mission via the dialog tree).  Whether they were intended for use in an abandoned/future addition of multiplayer is uncertain.  A couple, however, have the following direct functions:

  • When a cheer is used after an NPC kills a zombie there is a chance that the NPC will gain trust and their mood will improve.
  • Players with Leadership skills can receive small rewards by repeatedly cheering on fellow survivors when they perform certain actions such as killing zombies.  These rewards are small, and cheering must be performed a number of times before they are awarded.
  • Players with Leadership skills can also temporarily boost the combat effectiveness of the survivors they cheer for.
  • Zombies can be drawn to the player very effectively when taunted.  This is a useful strategy for a player to lead zombies into traps or out of a house where they can be easier to defeat.