"HOME. Creates an outpost in the building you are currently standing inside."

Establish Outpost is a radio call in State of Decay, Breakdown and Lifeline. It turns an indoor location into an Outpost.


  • In State of Decay, this radio call is unlocked after the player completes mission Lay of the Land.
  • In Breakdown, this radio call becomes available after the player is settled into a home site (at level 1) or right at the beginning (from level 2, since the RV acts as a temporary home site and has 2 outpost slots).
  • In Lifeline, this radio call is available right from the beginning, even before the player reaches the Black Friday base.


  • Cost: 50 Influence
  • Stack: 1
  • Recharge Time: 5 minutes
  • Effect: Turns an indoor location into an Outpost.


The radio call is done by standing at an indoor location, press the [Radio Menu] button, then choose "Establish Outpost". The radio call cannot be done in the following cases:

  • Player is not in a building
  • Building is too small
  • Building is not fully searched
  • Building is infested
  • Location is dangerous (i.e there are zombies inside or near the location)
  • Max number of outposts reached
  • Player is inside current outpost
  • Player is inside an Enclave's base

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