Fairfield is a town located in on the western edge of Trumbull Valley. Tucked between the western river and the mountain ranges that border the valley, Fairfield is a very linear town, stretching in a north-south direction along the western loop of US Route 406.

Equivalent in size to Spencer's Mill, it is home to a small residential area, a strip mall, and the Trumbull County Fairgrounds. It also has a path leading up to Trumbull's water resevoir. Separated from the rest of the valley by a deep gorge and creek, it is accessed by two bridges that carry US Route 406 over the gorge.


Unlike the rest of the Valley, Fairfield is inaccessible until the mission Sgt. Erik Tan has been completed. As part of this mission, the blockades at the bridges are destroyed (the northern bridge during the mission, the southern bridge after its completion). Once the mission is completed, both the north and south bridges are usable as access points.

Of the two entrances, the southern is less obstructed. The southern gate has the wreckage of a bus-car collision, but driving over the "curve ahead" sign to the right of the wreck (as seen on the approach to Fairfield), this blockage can be avoided at speed. The northern bridge is heavily blocked on the valley side of the bridge by both a large amount of vehicular wreckage and a wall of sandbags. Traversing the northern bridge approach requires slowing significantly and some pinpoint turns.

Landmarks and FeaturesEdit

Fairfield can be divided into northern, central, and southern sections. The US406 bridges link to the northern and southern ends of Fairfield.

Northern FairfieldEdit

Much of the northern section of Fairfield is home to the Trumbull County Fairgrounds, now largely taken over by a F.O.B set up to in coordination with Black Friday and other military outposts during the zombie outbreak. The Fairgrounds themselves are a potential home site for a large group of survivors, and is roughly equivalent to Snyder Trucking Warehouse in Marshall. Slightly south of this home site is an additional section of the town's fair area, including several buildings, varying in size from warehouses to small storage sheds. Several military tents have also been pitched and can contain significant amounts of military-grade hardware, supplies and resources.

The fairgrounds in northern Fairfield are largely surrounded by fencing, however, leaving only three points for vehicular access: gates toward the north and southeastern points of the perimeter, as well as a section of fence knocked down along the southwest fence line. A helipad with a crashed AH-64 Longbow Apache lies opposite the breach. The downed Apache shows evidence of a violent end for the helicopter's gunner, as well as a few searchable containers.

Central FairfieldEdit

The central section of Fairfield holds a strip mall, the Fairfield Shopping Plaza, as well as a few houses. The shopping plaza itself holds six small stores, each with searchable containers. Behind the strip mall is a cell tower that can be used as a survey point. Terrain in this area is uneven and dotted with trees and other obstacles, making offroading difficult.

Southern FairfieldEdit

Much of southern Fairfield is given over to single-family homes, but a shipping company and another store are found opposite of a Bronto Gas Station on US406. Much of the scavenging opportunities are in the houses of southern Fairfield, although fuel and food resources are common in the Bronto Gas station.

The highway branches in southern Fairfield: where US Route 406 turns northeast toward northern Fairfield, a branch road leads to the Trumbull Valley Dam. A small military outpost is set up at the dam, including a single tent with searchable containers. Danforth is visible upriver from the dam's vantage point.


Ammunition and medicine is common in the army tents in the Fairgrounds, while food and fuel are common in the southern Fairfield Bronto Gas station. The containers at Fairfield's F.O.B holds the highest probability of providing very useful military-grade arms, resources, and ammunition. Its commercial structures, principally in the Fairfield Shopping Plaza, offer a large number of searchable containers, although the contents are random.


Fairfield is heavily infested with zombies, particularly the Army Zombie and Bloater type freaks. Normal zombies are also extremely common, and all structures should be expected to contain zombies. Army zombies in particular are common in the northern and central Fairfield region, although once Fairfield is accessible to the rest of the Valley, Army zombies become extremely common everywhere.


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