The Fairfield Shopping Plaza, as seen from the nearby road.

Located in the central section of Fairfield, the Fairfield Shopping Plaza is a strip mall containing six stores, two of which are only semi-complete.

Tenants at the time of the zombie outbreak, listed from the south end to the north, were:

  • Gleeson Optical (under construction)
  • Cardio Boutique
  • Baxter Dentistry
  • Regina's Antiques
  • McGruder's Martial Arts
  • Ramón Bravo Sharkskin Suit Outlet (going out of business)

Behind the Plaza, there is a cell tower which acts as a Survey Point.


All of the stores contain searchable containers with randomized contents. Resources are generally found here, including construction materials in Gleeson Optical and medical supplies in Baxter Dentistry. The area is generally fairly open, making security relatively easy when compared to other commercial districts - particularly main street in eastern Marshall. Additionally, the Plaza shops are all single-story, simplifying searches and security.


All of the stores in the Plaza have large front windows which are vulnerable to zombies and cannot be barricaded . Consequently, zombies can gain entry to any shop very easily, making any attempts to take refuge in the Plaza futile. Additionally, all stores also have a door that leads to a small alley between the Plaza and its perimeter wall. While this also provides another escape point for a survivor, it also provide another point of entry for possible zombie attacks.


  • The Northern Section of the Plaza
  • The Southern Section of the Plaza

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