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"A garden would let us grow some of our food instead of always having to scavenge."
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A facility that allows the community to grow Food and reduce daily Food consumption. They must be built outside.

Facility bonusesEdit


  • Harvest - Provides food daily
  • Green Thumb - Produces higher yields of food. (Requires Plant Expert)


"Once it grows back, this should give us a substantial increase in the amount of food grown"

  • Harvest - Provides food daily
  • Green Thumb - Produces higher yields of food. (Requires Plant Expert)


  • A newly constructed Garden
  • Garden with growing plants
  • Garden with fully grown plants
  • Greenhouse with fully grown plants



  • Research at Library
  • 50 Construction Materials
  • 100 Influence
  • Build time: 1 hour


  • This facility cannot be built indoors.
  • The amount of Food produced is as followed
    • Garden: The initial amount is 2 Food/day. After 1 in-game day (2 real time hours), food yields become 4 Food/day. After another day in-game (2 real time hours), food yields reach maximum level for Garden: 6 Food/day.
    • Greenhouse: After constructing greenhouse, food growth is reset and the yields become 3, then 6, then 9 Food/day for each stage of the plants

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