"Technically speaking, I'm still leading a company--callsign: Greyhound--but with casualties and desertions it's barely above platoon strength."
--Alicia Hawkes' Journal

Greyhound is a company of the U.S Military which is led by Major Alicia Hawkes. While not explicitly stated, it can be assumed they have been actively involved in the containment of the zombie outbreak before the events in Danforth.


"Peel's ordered us into Danforth tomorrow to exfil some VIP. I'm looking forward to being useful again rather than just getting yelled at by the Colonel. Here's hoping the city isn't lost yet."
--Alicia Hawkes' Journal

Greyhound's main mission in Lifeline is to rescue scientists whose research is crucial to fighting the outbreak. They seem to be located in different locations across Danforth, however, they tend to spawn in specific places.

Greyhound Two reached the Black Friday first and tried to hold out for as long as they could, but began to lose ground as the zombies relentlessly attacked the base.

Greyhound One, having abandoned their vehicle outside Danforth due to the roadblocks and wreckage, fought their way to Black Friday and helped Greyhound Two to secure the landing zone.

Known membersEdit

Greyhound OneEdit

Greyhound TwoEdit

Greyhound Two was tasked with holding down the Landing Zone, but was quickly overrun doing so.

When Greyhound One arrives at the LZ, they meet two randomly spawned soldiers trying to defend the base from a large amount of zombies.


  • Greyhound One, shortly after abandoning their vehicle.
  • Greyhound One encounters Greyhound Two at Black Friday.
  • Greyhound Two shares an opinion of the situation with Greyhound One

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