Although spawning is generally random, there are some houses in State of Decay that will, on all playthroughs, have 4 or more firearms within them. Given that an Enclave does not spawn there.

Known LocationsEdit

White House on HillEdit


The White House on the Hill

On the dirt road to The Wilkersons farmhouse you'll pass a white house on a hill, this location will often hold a large amount of pistols/revolvers. Seems to be a spot where an Anvil will spawn, but not always. If you see the cabin to the right, you have gone too far. Next to the House, there is a shed which oftenly contains a source of Fuel.

Yellow HouseEdit


The Yellow House in East Marshall.

In East Marshall there is a helicopter crash that destroyed a home. Across from the wreckage is a yellow house with a storage near it. Inside the house there is generally a bountiful supply of guns, which sometimes includes assault rifles and high powered rifles.

Willard Ave.Edit

File:Horn Residence.png

To the west of the park are three houses, including the house of Dr. Thomas Horn. Maintaining an Outpost at the Horn Residence is recommended, as each house contains large quantities of Food, Medicine, Materials, and at least 4 guns in each house.


  • The White House on the hill, as seen from the distance. (Top-right corner)
  • The Yellow House, seen across the wrecked-by-helicopter building

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