Character Info
HankRasslePortrait Hank Rassle

A meathead who's more concerned about the lack of football than he is about the zombies.

Traits Jerk, Mechanic, Tough as Nails, Liked Tailgating
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Construction, Cooking
Inventory 1300 Defender, Wrench

(Breakdown) Small Backpack, Wooden Bat

Relations Unknown
Hank Rassle is a recruitable survivor in State of Decay and a playable character in the DLC Breakdown. While his name is randomized, Hank Rassle is the name used in the game's file. 


  • With two home site personal skills, Cooking and Construction skill, Rassle is a valuable addition to any survivor group. However, players need to be aware of that his Jerk trait can sometimes cause conflicts with other members.
  • Similar to Alice Miller, whose first name is always persistent, Hank Rassle's last name is always the same (With the exception in Breakdown, where both his first name and last name are randomized).


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