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General Information
"Standard four door commuter car. Fragile but agile. Space for four."
Technical Specifications
Acceleration 4/5
Top Speed 2/5
Handling 4
Durability 4
Seats 4
Inventory Slots 4
Color Schemes Yellow

Blue (Lifeline only)

Models Rally Hatchback

Pizza Delivery Hatchback

The Hatchback is a common car in State of Decay, Breakdown and Lifeline. It is found very commonly in the city Danforth and Trumbull Valley.


  • The Hatchback is not to be confused with the rally hatchback or the pizza delivery hatchback. It does perform quite similarly to the Pizza Delivery car, and serves well as a basic vehicle.
  • It resembles a Mk3 Volkswagen Golf, and may have been based on it.


  • Blue Variant from Lifeline.
  • The car's infocard.

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