Character Info
Portraitheatherlarue Heather LaRue (The Mother)

Zombie apocalypse? Whatever. Try raising five kids.

Traits Gossip, Tough as Nails, Watched Cooking Shows, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Cooking, Gossip
Inventory Snub Special 22, Rolling Pin, Snack x3
Character Info
Portraitheatherlarue Ashley Lake

Has been preparing for this her whole life. On her Xbox.

Traits No Nonsense, Cosplayed, Read Comic Books, Eagle-Eyed
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Arts and Crafts
Heather LaRue is one of the hero characters in the DLC Breakdown, known as "The Mother". Her character model is taken from the recruitable character Ashley Lake in the original State of Decay, but her description, traits, and skills are completely different.

Unlocking the characterEdit

Heather is unlocked by preparing a feast in the Cooking Area. Challenge is available from Breakdown level 2. It is recommended to not waste any food unless it is for Snacks and do *NOT* cook a big meal because all survivors in the community will then be Stuffed locking the Cook A Feast option for a while.


  • She has max Fighting skill, but no melee weapon specialization chosen.