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  • Heavy Weapon is a type of Melee Weapons in State of Decay. Weapons of this type all have a long handle and are heavy at one end.
  • Heavy weapon swings are quite slow, and have a significant delay between attacks. Thus, it is possible for the users to get attacked by zombies during this delay if the players don't position themselves carefully. On the other hand, a single swing can hit or even knock down multiple zombies, so heavy weapons are highly effective when dealing with large numbers of undead.


  • Using normal attacks with heavy weapons on a zombie lying down typically results in a downward blow that instantly kills it. This is also the case with AI-controlled characters wielding heavy weapons, making them very effective at finishing off zombies knocked down by the player.
  • Since the Powerhouse skill provides significant advantages when using heavy weapons (reduced Stamina penalty, faster swings), it is recommended that the player only give heavy weapons to characters with this skill.
  • Characters wielding heavy weapons can further improve their effectiveness by choosing Heavy Weapon Specialization.

List of Heavy WeaponsEdit

Weapon Description Weight Durability
Axe Time to channel your inner woodsman. 2.4 5
Chopper Sturdy root chopper, good on zombies too. 2.2 4
Commemorative Hockey Stick Remember the Marshall Ice Dogs' championships! 1.5 3
Crusty Shovel A must have when gardening near zombies. 6.0 5
Edger Keep your apocalypse garden trim! 3.0 4
Hoe A great tool for apocalypse gardening. 3.0 4

Dig it!

7.0 5
Sledgehammer Heavy, sturdy and all business. 10.0 5

List of Heavy Weapons added in BreakdownEdit

Weapon Description Weight Durability
Industrial Wrench Giant Wrench, made by the Big Ass Wrench Company, McMillanville. USA. 11.0 5
Crutch Useful for both healing and dealing damage. 3.0 3
Microphone Stand ..upon the sign the challengers, with shrieks and cries rush forth - JP 4.0 2
Brush Axe Keeps weeds at bay, named "Barbra". 5.0 4
Metal Oar An inexpensive canoe oar. 4.0 3
Solid Wood Oar High quality hardwood oar. 4.0 2
Heavy Kanabo Heavy, sturdy and all business. 5.5 5
Splitting Maul For splitting wood and zed heads. 4.5 5

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