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Heroes are special characters in the State of Decay DLC Breakdown. Most heroes are characters tied to quests in the main storyline of State of Decay. They usually have one or a few of the following advantages:

Unlocking HeroesEdit


  • Hero characters are unlocked by completing their respective challenges. All challenges have minimum level (scenario) requirements. For example, when starting the game, the player can only complete Scenario 1 challenges, but once Level 2 is reached, the player may complete challenges for Level 1 or Level 2, and so on.
  • When a player moves up to a new Breakdown level, all progress from current challenges are reset, with the exception of the "Taskmaster" and "Scholar" challenge, which is accumulated through multiple levels.

Recruiting heroesEdit

  • Once a hero is unlocked, Lily Ritter will state that an experienced survivor has been located and that the player should recruit them. They will be shown on the map with the mission named "Escort". Players must reach the destination and interact with the hero, asking them to join. Once escorted back to the player's base, the hero will join the group and can be switched to immediately. Escorting a hero home grants the player 25 Fame, like recruiting an Enclave.
  • If the player chooses to start a new game, then they can pick an unlocked hero to start a new game with, instead of relying on randomly chosen characters.
  • When the player starts a new game, unlocked heroes have a chance to spawn in random enclaves.


  • Any Friendly Survivors missions on the map will prevent hero "Escort" missions from spawning. Thus, player should keep an eye on their progress and solve all Friendly Survivor missions before completing challenges to unlock heroes.
  • If there are already two Escort missions on the map, unlocking another hero character will not spawn a third, even after the previous two has been completed, and the third hero character cannot be recruited. It is thus advisable that the player immediately recruits a hero when he/she becomes available.
  • To unlock Thomas Ritter, the player has to build and upgrade every type of facilty. Just owning a prebuilt one doesn't count.
  • Many Heroes re-appear in Lifeline as survivors in distress which can be extracted.

Heroes OverviewEdit

Hero Title Level - Challenge Benefits
Eli Wilkerson The Bruiser 1 - 100 Blunt Weapons kills
Owen Lykins The Cop 1 - 50 Pistols kills
Pastor William Mulroney The Believer 1 - Earn 500 Fame
Thomas Ritter The Father 1 - Max out every type of facility
Raymundo Santos The Dealer 1 - 400 kills with car door
Charley Marshall The Scholar 1 - Complete all research projects
Jacob Ritter The Tragedy 1 - Get torn apart by zombies
Alan Gunderson The Killer 1 - Kill a dying community member
Erik Tan The Sacrifice 1 - Go out in a blaze of glory
Cpt. Diane Montressor The Taskmaster 1 - Play for 10 hours
Ed Jones The Friend 2 - Reach Level 2
Becca Collins The Phoenix 2 - 100 kills with fire
Lyanna Carter The Enthusiast 2 - 100 Light Edged Weapons kills
Andy Pimms The Dead Man 2 - Kill 5 bloaters
Lincoln Voss The Hunter 2 - 50 Rifles kills
Heather LaRue The Mother 2 - Cook a feast
Sam Hoffman The Convict 3 - Reach Level 3
Judge Constance Lawton The Judge 3 - Perform 50 executions
Carl Parsons The Mentor 3 - 50 Revolvers kills
Amelia Crasman The Fighter 3 - Kill 5 Ferals
Doc Hanson The Healer 3 - Create Stimulants or Painkillers 5 times
Joel Macon The Biker 3 - Create weapons in the workshop 5 times
Calliope Morris The Gardener 3 - Grow 10 Food in the garden
K.C. Winters The Gunner 4 - Reach Level 4
Job Wilkerson The Survivor 4 - Scavenge 150 resources
Marcus Campbell The Hero 4 - 100 Heavy Weapons kills
Zeika Rivera The Rebel 4 - 50 Assault Rifles kills
Mickey Wilkerson The Sniper 4 - Earn 25 headshot streaks
Evan Woodrow The Grenadier 4 - 50 explosives kills
Maya Torres The Veteran 5 - Reach Level 5
Dan Hovenden The Moustache 5 - 50 shotguns kills
Leon Montague The Mercenary 5 - Kill 5 juggernauts
Shark Hoodie Guy The Ninja 5 - Perform 50 stealth kills
Walter Degrasse The Scientist 6 - Reach Level 6


  • All the heroes unlocked.

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