120px-SOD.jpg Spoiler warning!
The following may contain spoilers regarding game-play in State of Decay


Character Info
[[|px]] Highroad Actual (Brigadier General Henry Connors)


Traits Parental, Law Enforcement, Deadeye, Level-headed
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting,
Inventory Anvil Hammer, Baton
Brigadier General Henry Connors (callsign Highroad Actual) is the player's superior and mission control in State of Decay: Lifeline. For most of the game, he provides Greyhound One with intel and monitors their progress in extracting high-valued assets out of Danforth.


After the first few missions, Colonel Peel's position is supposedly overrun by zombies, and he initiated a burst transmission and transfered most of his intel and target profiles to Highroad Actual, located near the capitol. After the player managed to upgrade the Radio Post and reach Highroad Actual, he replaces Col. Peel as mission control for the rest of the game.


  • Examining the character.xml files in Breakdown reveals that a complete character is created for Henry Connors, using the template of Sheriff Carl (character model, inventory and biography) and the voice of Alan Gunderson. This is the case for all characters that are only heard in the game. They are complete characters with appearances and inventories, not just disembodied voices.

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