In addition to Black Fever, survivors can suffer from other illnesses. Survivors in your community can become sick from exposure to Bloater toxin or random events such as flu outbreak.


Most illnesses reduce the affected survivor's max stamina or vitality (untested). A sick survivor will become tired more quickly than a healthy survivor.


Avoiding exposure to Bloater toxin will help prevent survivors from getting sick. Having a high amount of medical resources will also help prevent against flu epidemic events. If the player doesn't have a Medical Area, there is a high chance a contagious survivor will get others sick.


If the player has a Medical Area, the survivor has a 15% chance to recover from their illness each day (two realtime hours). The chance of recovery goes up to 30% with a Infirmary or Medical Lab and 50% with a trained healer with a Infirmary or Medical Lab.

If the survivor does not recover after awhile, a Mercy Shot Mission may result. Once this occurs, it should be considered a sign that recovery is less likely. Three options exist at this point: wait and hope for recovery; expel the community member; or put the community member down to prevent him or her from turning and causing additional deaths.

List of IllnessesEdit

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