Game Improvements

Please contribute any suggestions you may have for improving State of Decay

  • Infestation warning only when an infestation is within a certain radius from "Home"
  • Ability to upgrade built-in facilities.
  • Car doors should have a chance of being locked, in which case the survivor should have to try to break into the car. "Car jacking" ability could be an attainable skill, being trained by breaking into cars. Some cars could have car alarms which, if the survivor has poor Car Jacking ability, could be triggered, attracting zombies.
  • Ability to upgrade vehicles with reinforcements or add-ons (like a plow, real or improvised).
  • Ability to place rucksacks in cars (one on each seat or in beds of trucks.)
  • Ability to initiate a trade between other survivor groups and choose which resources to barter for and with.
  • Renewable sources of resources.
  • The ability to call for backup in a similar manner to how you get called for an "Ally in Need / Trouble".
  • Hostile survivors that may seek to rob you.
  • Random chance of a heavy assault on your home base if too much noise is created too often.

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