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Character Info
JudgeLawton Judge Constance Lawton

Since the zombie apocalypse, Judge Lawton has been the front-runner in maintaining some semblance of society amongst the survivors.

Traits Autocrat, Lawyer, Studied Linguistic, Tough As Nails
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Research, Jurisprudence
Relations Unknown
Character Info
JudgeLawton Judge Constance Lawton (The Judge)

A strict enforcer of the law whose reputation as a hanging judge has only added to her credibility as a leader in the aftermath of the outbreak.

Traits Autocrat, Lawyer, Studied Linguistic, Tough As Nails, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Research, Jurisprudence, Shotgun Specialization
Inventory Courtroom Gavel, TS 15, Shotgun Shells (x14)
Relations Unknown

Judge Lawton is a non-playable character in State of Decay, the leader of the enclave The Law whose base is in the County Court House in the town of Marshall. In the DLC Breakdown, she is a hero character known as "The Judge".

Missions involving the Character


Having established her own brand of society, Judge Lawton has been transmitting warnings to local residents to obey the law and assist the local law enforcement agencies with reestablishing control over the area. This includes relinquishing all firearms to the authorities, and ceasing all scavenging activities. She is credited by Carl Parson, the local Sheriff, for having saved Marshall in the early days of the infection.

She doesn't like arming civilians and tells Carl that having untrained armed civilians around makes her feel uncomfortable. She does not appear concerned about clearing up the town or aiding isolated survivor's.

During the mission Trouble at the Courthouse, no matter how fast the player rushes to the Courthouse to aid the survivors, both Judge Lawton and Sheriff Carl die, presumably killed by the attacking zombies.


  • The Sheriff and the Judge, dead at the Courthouse

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