Jurassic Junction is a dinosaur-themed rest stop located on the eastern edge of the map. It has a "Bronto gas" gas station, a Mini mart, a "T-Rexpresso" coffee stand, a public restroom and a dinosaur statue that acts as a Survey Point.

Missions involving the locationEdit


  • Stego Saver Minimart
  • Bronto Gas Station
  • T-Rexspresso Coffee Stand
  • Survey Point
  • Public Restroom
  • Two Houses


  • The URL shown on the coffee stand leads to a fake web page that advertises the coffee stand. There is also a store at, where you can purchase t-rexpresso merchandise, like t-shirts and mugs.
  • The place is identified as a "Potential home site"; it is one of the locations the RV can breakdown when the player reaches a new level in the DLC "Breakdown"


  • Entrance
  • A Steggo Saver mart, modeled similarly to Tartan Mart
  • T-Rexpresso Menu
  • The survey point

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