Description Edit

Character Info
Char-karen tolbert-por Karen Tolbert

Hits the bottle a little too hard.

Traits Alcoholic, Drank a Lot, Student, Total Lush
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting,
Inventory Frying Pan

(Breakdown) Fancy Machete

Relations Unknown

Karen Tolbert is a recruitable survivor in State of Decay. She appears in the storyline mission Army Activity and becomes playable after the mission is completed. She is also recruitable in the DLC Breakdown, having the exact same name, description, traits and skills.

Missions involving the CharacterEdit


  • Karen's Total Lush trait lowers her Wits XP gain (the remaining traits are all neutral), which can be remedied by having a Library. However, given the fact that she does not have any useful skills and much more useful characters can be found and recruited, most players don't keep her around for long.


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