Lake Splendid Estates is a trailer park located on the southern edge of Spencer's Mill along the US Route 406.

Opportunities and RisksEdit

Occasionaly, Construction Materials can be found within the trailer park, however, the trailer park can sometimes contain items of minor interest.

Zombies infinitely spawn at the pond, and will wander the vicinity of the trailer park. Furthermore, the trailer park can get infested and Hordes are able to traverse the road nearby.


  • Not far from the trailer park, there is a water tower that acts as a Survey Point.
  • The pond which is behind of the trailer park is presumably "Lake Splendid".
  • The trailers are not accessible, making the warehouse on the eastern edge of the trailer park the only accessible building in the trailer park.


  • The picture that is shown on the sign on the trailer's park entrance.
  • The pond that is in the back of the trailer park.

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