Character Info
Leon mugshot Leon Montague (The Mercenary)

A few weeks ago, this was not the kind of guy you wanted to see knocking at your door. Now ... it's a relief to have him around. Him and his land mines.

Traits Problem Solver, Fast Hands, Military Contractor, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting,
Inventory Tactical Tomahawk, RPK

Leon Montague is a hero character in Breakdown DLC, known as "The Mercenary".

Unlocking the characterEdit

Leon Montague is unlocked by killing 5 juggernauts (challenge available from Breakdown level 5)


  • "Military Contractor" trait gives the character max level in Fighting and Shooting.
  • In Lifeline, Leon has a cameo as a mercenary when the player uses the PMC Reinforcement radio option


  • The mytserious Charecter that appears by the grange has the same model as leon

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