When Lifeline starts, the player must immediately mow down a small swarm of zombies with two other survivors from her squad. The three soldiers' identities (Hawkes, Kilo, and Vince) are always fixed in the beginning, but soldiers who join the group later on appear to be randomized.

The players must then race to the base to find out what happened to the squad tasked to hold it.

Survive the Mini-SiegeEdit

As the players arrive at the base, they find it under attack by a small group of zombies. While this is not a full blown siege, the players must defend the base in order to continue. Once the last nearby zombie is killed, a cutscene will play, and shortly afterwards, the players will receive their first Lifeline: High Value Targets mission.

Note that this is one of the few times in which the player has an unlimited amount of time to do other things such as scavenging supplies and building up their base. It is suggested that players use this time to raid nearby locations, establish outposts, and upgrade the LZ.

Supply Run with KiloEdit

Although this mission does not appear to directly influence storyline events, it does happen consistently during every playthrough. Much like the later "Investigate Artillery Site" mission with Vince, it appears to be a way for the player to build trust with Kilo, and unlock him for play.

The mission itself is simple: Go to the mission location, and guard Kilo while he searches the gas station for supplies. Once he is finished, he must be returned to the base.

Upgrade The RadioEdit

Once Doghouse Actual goes dark, the player must work to reestablish contact with command. During this time, Landing Zone abilities are unavailable. From the Black Friday base blueprint, choose Upgrade Radio over the radio icon. Once it has been upgraded, choose contact from the Radio icon. The story missions will continue to proceed after this.

Investigate Artillery SiteEdit

Vince informs the player that he knows of a nearby Artillery site which could be used to the LZ's benefit. Once the player meets him at the initial rendezvous point, Vince will lead them to the actual target. A small number of zombies are swarming the site, and can be easily dispatched by the two of you. The mission ends once the site has been cleared and passed through (on foot or in a car). Note: Vince often becomes playable at this point, and attempts to raise his friend meter before this mission don't appear to work. Note: This mission will disappear if it is not started before the end of the next siege.

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