Towards the beginning of Lifeline, the radio officer will rebroadcast a message from a survivor, Vienna Cho, who is holed up in a local radio station. She is unhappy with the Army's effort so far, but tries to help by broadcasting the messages she receives from other survivors who wish to be picked up. While the first mission appears to be set, later missions are randomized in who you pick up and why. Some missions involve survivors who must first gather their supplies, where other missions simply involve talking to the survivor and then driving them back to the LZ. Civilians who are brought back to the base will be airlifted out after the next siege, and Mrs. Cho will comment as to whether they made it out successfully, or were killed along the way.

The player will continue to receive Mrs' Cho's mission notifications, which they can either pursue or not. The number of civilians that are saved and killed will be listed on the Endgame scoresheet.

As is true in the Lifeline: High Value Targets series of missions, survivors can already be under attack as the player arrives to the mission location. Likewise, survivors are extremely weak in comparison to those in vanilla State of Decay, and will need the player's assistance to survive. These missions can expire if the player ignores them for too long.

Saving ChoEdit

Once the player has successfully extracted a certain number of civilians, the player will receive a mission notice to save Mrs. Cho. Upon arriving at the mission location, the player will find a large number of zombies which must be cleared out first. Once they have, they can return with Mrs. Cho to the LZ. She decides to stay at the base, and continue to provide assistance to the player by locating more civilians in need of help. Although she remains at the base, there does not appear to be a way to recruit her for missions so that her friend meter can be increased (which might eventually make her playable).

Disarm The NukeEdit

Once Mrs. Cho has been rescued and if Sasquatch's storyline has been advanced to the nuke stage, another Cho mission will become available. In it, Cho pleads with the player to disarm the nuke. If the player chooses to do so, Cho will accompany them on one final trip to the tunnel where they first met Sasquatch and disarm the nuke. After that, the player only needs to return to the base.

Once the player ends the game through an extraction, the player will be treated to a short cutscene which Mrs. Cho narrates, a threat by Sasquatch, and an unlocked achievement.

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