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Sasquatch Hunts is a chain of missions. In these missions, the player will assist Sasquatch in retrieving parts of Freaks so that they can be examined by scientists. Each Freak must be killed using certain weaponry, otherwise the sample cannot be collected properly. Players who recruit other soldiers to come with them during missions should make certain that the backup's weapons comply with the rules for a certain Freak. Otherwise, if the backup kills the Freak with a prohibited weapon, it will not count towards completing the mission, and another freak must be found.

At present, once a particular freak hunt mission has been started any instance of that freak can be killed to complete the mission. Meaning, should you kill the same type of freak using the expected weapons anywhere on the map, it will count towards the mission's success. This can be helpful if the player finds a freak closer to their current location, or in a tactically better spot. For example, if on the way to the feral hunt mission marker, the player spots a nearby feral, he/she may kill it and complete the mission. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or simply as Undead Labs intended it.

Note: Despite looking and speaking like a bad-ass, Sasquatch is a very weak combatant. For this reason, he must be actively protected during any of these missions and while at the base. If Sasquatch is killed during any of the missions, this storyline will effectively end and will progress no further. If this happens before the player has completed the Juggernaut mission below, they cannot earn the Sasquatch achievement during that playthrough.

Bloater Hunt Edit

Sasquatch's first mission with you involves performing a headshot on a Bloater. If the player's character is using a full-auto capable firearm, be sure to switch it to semi-auto as this will lessen your chances that a stray bullet will hit the Bloater's body.

Feral Hunt Edit

Sasquatch informs you that your next target is a Feral, and that it must be dispatched with an edged weapon only.

Screamer Hunt Edit

The player's next target is a Screamer, and it must be slain using fire. It is suggested that the player bring multiple incendiary devices, just in case the first couple of throws are misses. The player may want to refrain from bringing backup on this mission as there is no method for having them use Molotovs or other incendiary devices.

Note: At times, the game will glitch during this mission and the first screamer won't actually catch fire despite direct hits. If this happens, rather than wasting all of one's remaining Molotovs, kill the screamer by hand, and then go to the next search location. The glitch doesn't appear to occur twice in a row on the same hunt.

Juggernaut/Big 'Un Hunt Edit

The last of the Freak Hunts involves killing a Juggernaut with a melee weapon. Note that Sasquatch will run up to the Juggernaut in order to attack it. As he is just as weak as any other survivor, he can be killed in a matter of seconds (effectively making it impossible to complete the rest of the storyline).

It is suggested that the player use a character with a high level of specialization in any melee weapon, and that they make an effort to run in first and keep the Juggernaut's attention on them rather than Sasquatch. This approach can be made even easier by first hitting the Juggernaut with 1 (and only 1) hand grenade. This will take off a massive amount of his hitpoints and also stagger him. You can also soften up the Juggernaut by ramming it with a truck 4 times. This will almost completely destroy the truck however.

The final blow must be with a melee weapon, however, or the kill will not count.

Notes Edit

  • Completing this chain of missions unlocks the mission The Nuke

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