In Lifeline, commonly events known as SitReps (Also known as Situation Reports) , will appear in the players journal. Commonly seen right after a siege has been completed. These SitReps give information on how the outside world is dealing with the outbreak.

Situation ReportsEdit


Location Information
 Local Update #1 The latest update from Capt. Montressor in Trumbull Valley is overdue. The success of Operation: Washout may be jeopardized.
 Local Update #2 Intermittent civilian radio signals picked up from Trumbull Valley. Could be a provisional government asserting control of the situation.
 Local Update #3 Last remaining personnel evacuated from Trumbull Containment Barrier. Operation: Boxtop officially abandoned.
 Local Update #4 Unconfirmed reports of one or more large explosions between Danforth and Trumbull Valley. No scouting resources available to investigate at this time.
 Local Update #5 Troops at Fairgrounds FOB report civilian contact. Refugees from Marshall may have entered Fairfield Quarantine Zone.
 Local Update #6 Massive detonation reported from the vicinity of the Trumbull Containment Barrier. Wall breach suspected.
Milwaukee Milwaukee is now the first major metropolitan area to be officially abandoned by the U.S. Army.
Chicago The outbreak condition in Chicago has worsened to CRITICAL. ORD is compromised; all official personnel are being evacuated via MDW.
Dallas The outbreak condition in Dallas has worsened to CRITICAL. All flights from DFW are suspended until further notice.
Indianapolis The outbreak condition in Indianapolis has worsened to CRITICAL. Medical facility at Indiana Convention Center is at 210% capacity.
Kansas City The outbreak condition in Kansas City has worsened to CRITICAL. Riverfront Park refugee camp is overrun.
St. Louis Radio contact with St. Louis has been lost. Reports of nuclear activity in the city are unconfirmed at this time.
Atlanta The outbreak condition in Atlanta has worsened to SERIOUS. Army units have withdrawn to Georgia Tech campus to fortify position.
Houston The outbreak condition in Houston has worsened to SERIOUS. Galveston Bay is now blockaded by U.S. Navy to manage the refugee situation.
Pittsburgh The outbreak condition in Pittsburgh has worsened to SERIOUS. Army Ops is relocating to Brunot Island on the Ohio River.
Philadelphia The outbreak condition in Philadelphia has worsened to SERIOUS. Units from Carlisle Barracks have been ordered to reinforce defensive position at Hahnemann University Hospital.
Toronto The outbreak condition in Toronto has worsened to SERIOUS. 1st Canadian Division bringing reinforcements from Kingston.
International Travel United Nations refuses to lift international air travel ban. American personnel stationed overseas still unable to return home.
World Update U.S. Intelligence has confirmed outbreaks in Osaka, Kyoto, Manila, Brisbane, Sydney, and Wellington. Zed presence has gone worldwide in barely over a week.
Russia Nuclear strikes in Belarus and Ukraine confirmed. Moscow claims self-defense.
Iceland Icelandic Coast Guard sinks Danish refugee vessel approaching shore. All passengers lost.
India Death toll in Delhi estimated at over 5 million, up 12% in last 6 hours."
China Beijing vows to protect borders from foreign refugees "at all costs."
Senegal The outbreak condition in Dakar has worsened to SERIOUS. Refugee camp at Dakar Grand Mosque operating at 300% capacity.
Venezuela The outbreak condition in Caracas has worsened to CRITICAL. National Guard action in Plaza Venezuela resulted in massive military casualties.
Portugal The outbreak condition in Lisbon has worsened to SERIOUS. Over 80,000 citizens have gathered outside Sao Jorge Castle seeking refuge.
North Korea North Korean officials continue to deny reports of zed outbreaks in that country: "We are immune to imperialist Western disease-mongers."


  • These were written by game developer Andy, better known as Undead Andy on the UL Forums.
  • The SitReps appear in random order, excluding the Local updates. They appear in order (As in, you won't see #5 before #2).

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