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  • The Device
  • Sasquatch is in his element

Shortly after completing the last Freak Hunt, the radio officer will notify the player that Sasquatch has disappeared. Once the player receives the mission icon on their map, they will find him in the same place they originally did, but Sasquatch will have a new friend of the thermonuclear kind. After the player returns Sasquatch to the base, an option will be unlocked to detonate the device after the next airlift. Once the player selects this option, the game will end once the next Siege is over and a score sheet will be presented (similar to the Breakdown score sheet). This will also trigger a cutscene in which Danforth burns in a nuclear fireball (the nuke ending). A video of this ending can be seen here.

Another option exists, which involves the defusal of the nuke. If Vienna Cho is in the community, she will offer to disarm the nuke. If the player agrees to disarm, then he will have to escort Vienna to the tunnel with the nuke and secure the area. Once she has finished disarming the nuke, the player will be required to return with her to Black Friday. From this point, the game will end with the siege after calling for an extraction via the Sat-Comms. This ending will not trigger any cutscene in the end though Vienna Cho and Sasquatch will have something to say over the radio and the score sheet will be presented (similar to the Breakdown score sheet). A video of this ending is viewable here.

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