Summary Edit

A light machine gun (LMG) is a machine gun designed to be employed by an individual soldier rather than mounted to a weapon or structure. These military grade weapons can be located in or near army deployments. In general, they are quite impractical because of their weight, low accuracy (also, they cannot be specialized in) and high ammo consumption rate.

Most LMGs cannot be set to semi-automatic fire mode.

Comparison of Light Machine GunsEdit


  • Weapons noted with (B) are those introduced in Breakdown DLC.
LMG Ammo Capacity Accuracy Noise Recoil Durability Suppressor Optics Weight (lbs)
M249 SAW 5.56mm 100 1 4 3 2 Yes No 17.0
M27 IAR 5.56mm 100 3 4 3 3 Yes No 7.9
M60E4 7.62mm 100 1 5 4 2 Yes No 22.5
RPK (B) 7.62mm 40 4 5 4 3 Yes No 11.0
M1918A2 (B) 7.62mm 20 4 5 3 4 Yes No 17.1

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