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Map, indicates general area of towns.
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Trumball Valley consists of 3 small towns, and large amounts of land in between each, the valley also has many bodies of water. The player must travel by foot or by car to reach these locations, as a fast-travel system has yet to be added to the game.

Within these locations are buildings and houses that can be searched for supplies or weapons.


Largest City, heavy commercially in East Marshall, but more houses in West Marshall. East Marshall has The Alamo as a homesite, also where "The Law" group is located. While West Marshall has the Savini Residence and the Snyder Trucking Warehouse for homesites. Includes a number of businesses and services including multiple gas stations, fast food restaurants, and mini-marts, as well as a gun store, police station, fire station, vehicle repair, car dealer, gun shop, and more.

Spencer's MillEdit

The town where the Church of Ascension is located (or at least closest to.) Small rural area town, mostly made up of houses and garages, with a couple businesses (Mini-marts, a fast food restaurant, Gun Shops, Gas Stations, etc.) Also home to the Kirkman Residence.


HQ of the military, not unlocked until the mission "Sgt. Erik Tan" is completed. Home to Fairbanks County Fairgrounds, one of the largest homesites. Typical small town, similar to Spencer's Mill.


Large, vast areas of farmland dotted with farmhouses occupy the areas between and around the towns. Home to McReady Farmhouse homesite.

Mt. TannerEdit

The park to the northern edge of the map, where you initially start the game out. Large campground with dense forest surrounding a large lake.

Jurassic JunctionEdit

Jurassic Junction is located on the road in between Spencer's Mill and Marshal. It is a large tourist attraction owned by Bronto Gas and contains two gas stations and a few houses. there are dinosaur props scattered around including one that is climbable and serves as a survey point.

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