The storyline mode in State of Decay as well as Breakdown take place in Trumbull Valley, while the story of Lifeline takes place in a completely different area, the city of Danforth.

Trumbull ValleyEdit

Most of the major areas here can be accessed from the US Route 406 circling the Central Farmland

Trumbull Valley
Mt. Tanner

The park to the north-western corner of the map which serves as tutorial area. Large campground with dense forest surrounding a large lake, and Mount Tanner can be seen at a distance.
Ranger Station is a temporary homesite here

Spencer's MillEdit

Small rural area town, mostly made up of houses, with a couple businesses (Mini-marts, a fast food restaurant, Gun Shops, Gas Stations, etc.)
Two homesites, Church of the Ascension and Kirkman Residence, are located here.

Central FarmlandEdit

Large, vast areas of farmland dotted with farmhouses occupy the areas between and around the towns. Home to McReady Farmhouse homesite.


Consists of an industrial area in the West, and a residential area in East. Located here are a large variety of businesses and services including multiple gas stations, fast food restaurants, and mini-marts, warehouses as well as a gun store, police station, fire station, vehicle repair, car dealer, and more.
Three homesites are located here: Savini Residence and the Snyder Trucking Warehouse in West Marshall, and The Alamo in the east.


Northern area is the fairground area, also base of operation for the US Military in Trumbull. Southern area is a small town, more sparsely populated than Spencer's Mill. Home to Trumbull County Fairgrounds.

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