Character Info
Martin-portrait Martin Tarney

One of the first responders to the Marshall food riots.

Traits Loner, Liked Range Shooting, Trumbull Local, Cop, Dim Bulb/Natural Athlete
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Powerhouse (Determinant)
Inventory Wooden Bat, AR 15

(Breakdown) G 19, Baton

Relations Unknown

Martin Tarney is a Survivor in State of Decay and the DLC Breakdown.

He is a random recruitable survivor, thus, he doesn't appear in any missions by canon sources, and might not be encountered at all.

  • In State of Decay: His first name is always Martin, and last name is random (Martin Tarney is the name used in the game file). He has a similar voice to Marcus Campbell, but a bit deeper.
  • In Breakdown: Both first and last name are random. His voice is a variation of Alan Gunderson's voice.


  • Martin's last trait is randomly chosen. It can either be Natural Athlete (giving him Powerhouse skill) or Dim Bulb (Lower Wits XP gain)
  • However, in addition to the above, the Lower Wits XP gain trait is second to the Powerhouse-skill giving trait. This means that he will most likely be a Physical Powerhouse, however, it's still possible for him to have a trait like Dim Bulb.


  • Martin chilling out with Alan
  • Martin Pokorny
  • Martin Kaasik
  • Martin in State of Decay Breakdown

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