The Breakdown DLC adds 26 new melee weapons: 9 edged, 9 blunt, and 8 heavy.

Edged Weapons
Weapon Name Durability Weight Description
Igorot Axe 3 1.5 lbs Also known as a headhunting axe.
Pirate Cutlass 4 2.5 lbs A high quality antique reproduction from the late 1800's.
Movie Replica Axe 3 2.6 lbs "One Axe to rule them all" - Lord Dwarfz
Hedge Shears 4 2.0 lbs Broken hedge shears made a strong improvised blade.
Garden Limb Saw 3 2.0 lbs Still effective at taking off limbs, zombie limbs.
Cutting Machine Blade 5 1.5 lbs Created from an industrial cutting tool. Very sturdy.
Paper Cutter Arm 2 1.5 lbs Improvised. Does not hold an edge well.
Tactical Tomahawk 5 2.5 lbs Wait for it... a TACTI-HAWK!
Royal Igorot Axe 3 1.2 lbs A high quality antique headhurting axe.

Blunt Weapons
Weapon Name Durability Weight Description
Courtroom Gavel 4 1.7 lbs Nicknamed the "Hammer of Justice".
Kanabo 4 4.0 lbs A wood and iron club weapon from feudal Japan (replica).
Pipe Bender 4 3.0 lbs Ask not for whom the bone bones. It bones for thee..
Rebar 2 1.8 lbs A scrap of rusty rebar.
Telescoping Baton 5 2.4 lbs A sturdy police baton.
Candlestick 4 2.8 lbs High quality antique, they don't make them like this anymore.
Rolling Pin 3 2.5 lbs Good for more than rolling a pie crust.
Tire Iron 5 2.0 lbs These leave an impression.
Fish Stunner 3 1.3 lbs Works equally well on zombies and cod.

Heavy Weapons
Weapon Name Durability Weight Description
Industrial Wrench 5 11.0 lbs Made by the Big Ass Wrench Company in MacMillianville, USA.
Crutch 3 3.0 lbs Useful for both healing and dealing damage.
Microphone Stand 2 4.0 lbs ..upon the sign the challengers, with shrieks and cries rush forth - JP
Brush Axe 4 5.0 lbs Keeps weeds at bay, named "Barbra".
Metal Oar 3 4.0 lbs An inexpensive canoe oar.
Solid Wood Oar 2 4.0 lbs High quality hardwood oar.
Heavy Kanabo 5 5.5 lbs Heavy, sturdy and all business.
Splitting Maul 5 4.5 lbs For splitting wood and zed heads.

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