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"The mess is where soldiers gather to eat terrible food and swap even worse stories about life down range."

The Mess Hall is a facility introduced in Lifeline DLC. It seems to combine the role of a Cooking Area and Dining Area.

Facility BonusesEdit

  • Mise En Place: Protects against Food Contamination
  • Good Cook: Allows the preparation of feasts. (Need someone who really knows how to cook, though.)
  • MREs Meal: Reduces discord. Protects against vermin.


Make MREs
Piece together a few new MREs from general food supplies.
Cook a Hot Meal
Additional Vitality bonus for everyone
  • Effect: +20 Max Vitality for everyone (lasts 2 hours)
Additional Vitality and Stamina bonuses for everyone. (High likelihood of needing special ingredients.) REQUIRES GOOD COOK.
  • Requirements: 5 Food, 2 Influence, running Generator, someone with Cooking skill
  • Effect: +20 Max Vitality and +10 Max Stamina for everyone (lasts 2 hours)

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