This mission is actually 2 short missions. However, since these missions are too short, they are compiled in a single page. To avoid confusion, the missions will be referred to as "Objectives".

Characters involvedEdit


Objective: A Discreet RequestEdit

Find out what Quentin wants

Talk to Quentin, who asks the player to speak to Sheriff Carl in order to find out more about Becca's past. If the player declines, the mission will immediately end, along with the rest of The Grange storyline. Otherwise, the next mission/objective is unlocked.

Objective: Ask the SheriffEdit

When the player arrives at the County Court House to find the Sheriff, the Deputy mentions he is out hunting a dangerous Feral. Follow the markers to locate Carl and help him hunt down the Feral.

After the Feral is dead, the Sheriff shares what he knows about Becca's past to the player, who will decide whether to tell Quentin, or keep it hidden from him. 


This mission unlocks Mission: Bad Tidings


  • Quentin asking the player for help

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