Characters involvedEdit


Some time after completing The Old Farmhouse, Lily will contact the player over the radio and talk about survivors being harassed by other survivors.

Go up to the Wilkerson Farm and speak to Job. The player can choose "Yes" to confront him with the accusations or "No" to let the issue slide.

Confront JobEdit

Ask Job if he knows anything about survivors being robbed. He denies knowing anything, then asks Mickey, who scoffs at the question, saying if they were the one robbing, there wouldn't be anyone left to tell about it. Job then argues that they don't rob people, but instead give them what they want, for a price.

After the player leaves the area, the mission ends.

Do not confront JobEdit

The mission ends immediately at that point.


Confront JobEdit

  • - 15 Trust with the Wilkersons
  • Community reputation improves

Do not confront JobEdit

  • Community reputation worsens

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