Characters involvedEdit


Via Lily, the player receives a message from a man who wishes to speak when he/she gets the chance.  When Lily talks to the player about Ray, she mentions that she thinks he's a "good guy".  If the player drives to the map location, they will find Raymundo Santos on the rooftop of the indicated building (it is always the same one, near the Marshall Courthouse).  To get to the roof, the player can either go up the staircase on the front of the building, jump through the window onto the balcony or go through the back and jump towards the hanging ladder, and climb up the service ladder. There will be a short cutscene during which Ray talks about his past and his inspirations.  Once it's over, the mission is complete.


  • In the missions.xml file, this and the Sweet Ride mission are in the same mission category as the Courthouse Missions, named "Police Arc" in the file.
  • Completing this mission unlocks mission Sweet Ride.


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