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When you get a strange transmission from a woman named Karen, Lily suggests you check it out.

Get to the mission marker to trigger the cutscene. It turns out the army troops led by Sergeant Erik Tan are evicting a couple of survivors. He prepares to have them killed, citing his authorization to use lethal force against resisting citizens. However, he seems to have a change of heart and lets the survivors go, then tells the player to go "babysit" them.

Follow the map markers and search the marked buildings until Karen Tolbert and Anson Hearst are located. Take them back to home base to complete the mission.


  • Community Reputation Improved
  • +25 Fame (Savior)
  • +Trust with the two new survivors


  • Captain Montressor, Sgt Tan's superior, is introduced in this mission. She is seen ordering them to pack up and leave the area.


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